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New Year’s Honours List

On 31 December, I welcomed the knighthood awarded to John Armitt, chair of the Olympic Delivery Authority, in the Queen’s New Year’s Honour list for 2012. John has been honoured in recognition of his contribution to engineering and construction. Charles Allen and Howard Shiplee have also been recognised in the Honours List for their outstanding contributions to the Games.

Several Metropolitan Police officers have also been recognised, among them DCI Caroline Goode and Deputy Assistant Commissioner Mark Simmons, who has been at the Met for 29 years. Both receive the Queen’s police medal for distinguished service.


Other Londoners who were recognised in this year's New Years Honours list include The former Lord Mayor of the City of London, Michael Bear, MP Joan Ruddock, Alan Horsfield, a stonemason honoured for services to St Paul’s Cathedral and Lyndie Wright of the Little Angel Theatre in Islington.

Section 60 Responses

Transport Committee

The State of the Underground

Response to the recommendations set out in the London Assembly’s Transport Committee report, The State of the Underground.

Recommendation 1

In light of the impact of strikes on London Underground’s service in 2010/11 and the risks to the 2012 Games, we recommend that the Mayor review his and TfL’s approach to industrial relations. Specifically, he should consider whether additional meetings with unions or other new structures might help improve relations. We ask that he report back to the Committee by December 2011 on his approach to maintaining good industrial relations over the next 12 months.


Since the Committee’s report was published, LU has secured agreement from all its trades unions to a four year pay deal that will ensure a long period of stability on pay. The agreement followed six months of constructive negotiations between LU management and trades unions’ representatives. The deal enables employees' salaries to keep pace with the cost of living whilst being realistic given the current economic situation and the pressure on TfL finances.

LU has also reached agreement with the trades unions on a temporary change to the framework agreement for train operators that will enable extended operations during the Games period. In fact, following discussions earlier this year between LU’s Managing Director and the General Secretary of the RMT, LU is jointly engaged with RMT in an independent review of industrial disputes.

Looking beyond the Games, LU Managing Director Mike Brown has committed to directly engaging with every member of staff, at a series of events now underway and continuing to March 2012. This includes discussion on how LU’s operations will be affected by developments in technology and changes in customer behaviour. Parallel discussions are also taking place with the trades unions including with their General Secretaries.

LU is committed to managing any change openly and honestly and in consultation with trades unions.

Recommendation 2

By December 2011, the Mayor and TfL should provide a written report to the Committee on the steps that have been taken to reduce delays and ensure that performance returns to record levels both across the Tube network and on each individual line. The report should include the actions taken to address the main asset-related causes of increased delays in 2010/11, namely:

  • fleet failures on the Victoria, Metropolitan and District lines;

  • problems with the Automatic Train Operating system on the Jubilee line; and

  • problems with engineering trains on the Northern and Piccadilly lines.

By December 2011, TfL should ensure its regularly published information on Tube performance includes Lost Customer Hours for each of the 11 London Underground lines broken down by causative factor.

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