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A Select Bibliography

A Primary Sources

1 Unpublished

11 Published

B Secondary Sources

1 Books

11 Articles etc.

111 Letters

Select Bibliography

A Primary Sources

  1. Unpublished material.

There are large numbers of Brady manuscripts – poems, short stories, letters – in the libraries, especially in the National and Mitchell. The National Library collection has not been fully catalogued. Major items only can be listed. Although some of the short stories and poems which occur in unpublished manuscripts have been published in periodicals, by no means are the majority of them in this category. They are more accessible through these collections than in isolated periodicals.

i Biography

John Archibald: Life and Times of a Great Editor – an undated manuscript, although completed in the early 1940’s. It consisted of 214 pages, with another 70 of collected impressions of Archibald written by nineteen of his colleagues. An Appendix has details of Archibald’s will and the prize he bestowed upon Sydney. One copy is owned by Oscar Mendelsohn, the other by the Australian Journalists’ Association, New South Wales Branch.

Odd Men Out – undated manuscript of biographies of twenty seven famous men, 1892 - 1950, 140 pp., in National Library.

Prime Ministers, Premiers and Politicians I have Known, covering the period 1904 – 1950, 236 pp., in National Library.

Some Big Australians, containing brief biographies of twenty-five Australians famous in various fields, 1936, 77 pp., in National Library.

ii Collections, notebooks, etc.

Australian Art and Letters, 1905 – 1950. A collection of written material, letters, newspaper cuttings and articles, in two volumes. Vol I – 1905 – 1927; vol. II – 1927 – 1950, in National Library

Australian Artists’ Biographies, a collection of personal details, newspaper cuttings and letters obtained for a projected book, Artists of Victoria, to contain twenty-six biographies. 1911, in Mitchell Library.

Grafton and Clarence River, a collection of material compiled on his northern trip and when he was living at Grafton. Covers the period 1899 – 1903. 140 pp., in National Library.

Literary Notebook, a large volume begun in 1894 and extending to 1951, containing notes, news-cuttings, scribbled comments, photographs, which Brady had saved for future literary use. In National Library.

The Murray River, 1908 – 1950, collection of letters and newspaper cuttings, complete with Brady’s comments, on water conservation, irrigation, and Murray River. In Mitchell Library.

My Blackfellow Book, short stories, articles, cuttings on aboriginal theme, 1950, in National Library.

Nautical Notes and Clippings, collected material on sea and sailors, for sue in poems, articles. Undated, in National Library.

Personalia, a collection of personnel and family papers, collated in 1951, in Mitchell Library.

The Simple Life, a collection of articles. Stories, and newspaper cuttings on outdoor life, undated, in National Library.

Utopias Ltd., collection of handwritten, typescript and printed material on collective settlements. Vol. I – 1902 – 1932, dealing with early cooperative settlements throughout the world; Vol. II – 1923 – 1933, dealing with Mallacoota Community Farm. In Mitchell Library.

Victor J. Daley, correspondence, papers and transactions, collated, with biographical notes, by Brady when he was secretary of a fund which raised money for Daley’s tombstone and for a grant to his family. Covers the period 1898 – 1929, in Mitchell Library.

iii Drama

“Antonelli” – an Australian Photo-Drama in 5 reels, scenario for film, undated, in National Library.

“Fallen Leaves”. A play set at Mallacoota and possibly adaptable to a film, in National Library.

“Life on a Rubber Plantation”, typescript play set in Malaya, undated, in National Library.

iv Letters

Brady to Dr. James Booth, 1927 – 1936, 4 letters, in La Trobe Library.

Brady to A.H. Chisholm, 1935 – 1951, 24 letters, in possession A.H. Chisholm, Sydney.

Brady to Thomas Cooke, 1935 – 1952, 11 letters, in La Trobe Library.

Brady to Mrs. E. Ella (his cousin), 1939 – 1944, 7 letters, in possession of Mrs. Jack, Dee Why.

Brady to Miles Franklin, 1943 – 1945, 3 letters, in Mitchell Library.

Brady to Muir Holburn, 1944 – 1951, 49 letters, in Mitchell Library.

Brady to Oscar Mendelsohn, 1946 – 1951, 81 letters, in possession of Oscar Mendelsohn, Melbourne.

Brady to J.K. Moir, 1937 – 1951, 91 letters in La Trobe Library.

Brady to A.G. Stephens, 1901 – 1930, 3 letters in Mitchell Library.

v Political and philosophical.

The Red Objective, an incomplete manuscript planned to have some thirty chapters, undated, but worked on over many years. In National Library.

This book was planned as a major undertaking by Brady. It was to set out the complete history of the Labor Party in Australia, especially in New South Wales, from its inception. Much work was done on it, and individual chapters, sometimes in three drafts, appear in his papers.

A Religion of Humanity, written from 1929 to 1932, sets out Brady’s religious and philosophical credo, almost totally socialistic. It is dedicated to Hugh Brady, first Protestant Bishop of Meath, and has an Introduction. 209 pp, in National Library.

vi Short stories.

A list among Brady’s papers contains the names of 28 “short stories” and 38 “humorous stories” (Ms 206, Box 31). Some of these cannot be traced; a few have been published; many appear in the various collections of short stories listed below, sometimes more than once.

Beachcomber and Bushrangers, a collection of 34 stories, 1940 – 1942, 443 pp, in Mitchell Library.

The Gippslanders, 35 stories and sketches, 1947, in National Library.

Kangaroo Tales, a collection of 32 stories, 1894 – 1939, in National Library.

Knights of New Arcadia, 38 stories based on the adventures of the Poet and the Artist, undated, in National Library.

The Lotus Eaters (The Land of the Lotus), 26 short stories, many overlapping with Knights of New Arcadia, undated in National Library.

The Message Stick, collection of 44 essays and short stories, undated, in National Library.

vii Verse.

Some of the poems in these unpublished collections have been published in periodicals; most are unpublished.

Ballads and Chanties, 6o poems, undated, in Mitchell Library.

The Cat and the Fiddle, 62 poems, undated, in La Trobe Library.

Juvenilia, containing poems from 1888 to 1892 but collated by Brady 1946 – 1950, in Fryer Memorial Library.

Keel and Caravan, collected verse mentioned in several places, the manuscript of which was not sighted.

Native Notions, a collection of 24 light and nonsense poems, undated, in National Library.

Rhymes of Revolt, 52 revolutionary poems written 1890 – 1944, with a Foreword dated 1944, in National Library.

The Wandering Foot, 50 poems, undated but 1944 from external mention in letters, in National Library.

II Published material.

  1. Books

  1. Poetry

The Ways of Many Waters (Sydney, 1899).

The Earthen Floor (Grafton, 1902).

The Ways of Many Waters (Melbourne, 1909).

Bushland Ballads (Melbourne, 1910).

Bells and Hobbles (Melbourne, 1911).

The House of the Winds (London, 1919).

Wardens of the Seas, (Sydney, 1933).

  1. Prose

Sydney Harbour, (Sydney, 1903)

Sydney: The Commercial Capital of the Commonwealth, (Sydney, 1904).

The King’s Caravan (London, 1911).

Picturesque Port Phillip (Melbourne, 1911)>

River Rovers (Melbourne, 1911).

Tom Pagdin: Pirate (Sydney, 1911).

Australia Unlimited (Melbourne, 1918), issued in a one-volume and two-volume edition.

The Land of the Sun (London, 1924).

The Overlander: The Prince’s Highway, (Melbourne, 1926).

Dr. Mannix: Archbishop of Melbourne (Melbourne, 1934).

Two Frontiers Sydney, 1944).

In addition to these titles, three books were written, principally by Brady, but using ideas from Leslie Rubins:

Depression and Its Cure: The Gold Measure Theory (Melbourne, 1933), with an introduction by Brady.

The Golden Key to Victory, Peace and Prosperity (Melbourne, 1942).

Dreams and Realities (Melbourne, 1944).

ii Serials.

“Rougemont Outdone” (in manuscript, entitled “The Cruise of the Gospel Truth”), The Arrow, 26.11.1898 to 14.1.1899.

“On the Wallaby”, The Arrow, 11.2.1899 to 17.6.1899.

“A Juvenile World Walker”, The Arrow, 24.6.1899 to 16.9.1899.

“War in the Transvaal” (also “The African War”), The Arrow, 21.10.1899 to 28.7.1900.

“War in China”, The Arrow, 4.8.1900 to 20.10.1900.

“A Younger Quixote”. The Arrow, 27.10.1900 to 23.2.1901.

iii Introductions, Forewords, etc.

Foreword (pp. 1 – 18) in E.H. Anderson, The Economics and Finance of a New Order (Melbourne, 1946).

Foreword to E. Harrington, Boundary Bend and Other Ballads (Melbourne, 1936).

Foreword, “Personal Impressions of Victor Daley and His Work” (pp. 11 – 14) in Muir Holburn and Marjorie Pizer (eds.), Creeve Roe: Poetry by Victor Daley (Sydney, 1947).

Foreworfd (pp. 7,8), dated February 1948, to H.H. Pearce, The Song of Nature (Melbourne, 1948).

iv Editorial Material.

Brady wrote regular editorial material as editor of various publications. There is too much of this to list, but it is available as follows:

The Arrow, 1896 – 1900

The Grip, 1901 – 1903

The Worker (Sydney), 1904 – 1905.

The Native Companion, 1907

v General Prose.

“Life’s Highway” a series of reminiscences and autobiographical notes, extracts from which were published in Southerly, No. 4, 1952 to No. 4, 1955.

“Louis Esson: Memories and Impressions”. L. Esson, The Southern Cross and Other Plays (Melbourne, 1946), pp. 215 – 217.

“The Voice of Australia”, a biographical essay on Lawson in Cecil Mann (ed.), The Stories of Henry Lawson, Third Series (Sydney, 1964), pp. 488 – 505.

Major Contributions were made to:

Bank Notes, 1938 – 1941.

Focus, 1946 – 1948.

The Labor Call, 1930 – 1936.

Life Digest, 1945 – 1950.

A fairly exhaustive card-file has been made of Brady’s contributions to various publications, including over a thousand poems. With such voluminous production, the names only are given of publications which have printed his work.

A.B.E. Weekly

The Age

All About Books

The Argus

The Arrow

Art in Australia

Art and Letters


Australian Clothing Trades Journal

Australian Dramatic Annual

Australian Journal

Australia To-Day

Australian Pastoralist

Australian Workman

The Australasian

Australasian Stage Annual

Australasian Traveller

B.P. Magazine

Bairnsdale Advertiser

Bank Notes

Barrier Daily Truth

Beckett’s Budget





The Bulletin

The Centennial Magazine

Cerise and Blue

A Comment


Country Life Annual

Courier (Adelaide)

The Echo

Evening News

Farmer and Settler

The Field


Freeman’s Journal

Golden North


Hassell’s Australian Miscellany

Henslowe’s Annual

Herald (Melbourne)

The Home

International Socialist

The Journalist

Kat Magazine

Labor Call

The Land

The Leader

Life Digest

Lilley’s Magazine

The Listener In

Lone Hand

The Magnet (Eden)



Midday Times

The Native Companion

New Idea

New Triad

Newspaper News

Our Annual

Our Swag

Pacific Islands Monthly

The Publicist

Punch Annual

Review of Reviews

The School Magazine

The Shop Assistant

The Sketcher

Smith’s Weekly

Snowy River Mail



The Sun (Sydney)

Sunday Mail (Brisbane)

Sunday Sun (Sydney)

Sunday Times

Sydney Mail

Sydney Morning Herald

Table Talk

Telegraph (Hobart)

Telegraph (Sydney)




The Union Voice

The Unemployed Gazette


Weekly Times

The Western Mail

Windsor and Richmond Gazette

Worker (Brisbane)

Worker (Sydney)

B Secondary Sources

  1. Books

There are no books which throw much light on Brady’s life, with the exception perhaps of Green’s general survey, but those making passing reference to him and those of use in this biography are listed:

J. Barnes (ed.), The Writer in Australia 1895 – 1964 (Melbourne, 1969).

M. Barton and O. Sitwell, Sober Truth (London, 1930).

G. Black, The Origin and Growth of the Labor Movement in New South Wales (Sydney, 1915).

R Boynton and M. Mack, Introduction to the Short Story (New York, 1965).

J. Le Gay Brereton, Knocking Around, (Sydney, 1930).

C. Brown, Writing For Australia: A Nationalist Tradition in Australian Literature (Melbourne, 1956).

E.W. Campbell, History of the Australian Labour Movement: A Marxist Interpretation (Sydney, 1945).

Z Cross, An Introduction to the Study of Australian Literature (Sydney, 1922).

A.H. Chisholm, The Joy of the Earth (Sydney, 1969).

R.H. Croll, I Recall (Melbourne, 1939).

G. Dutton (ed.), The Literature of Australia (Adelaide, 1964)

E. Dyson, The Golden Shanty (Sydney, 1963).

R.N. Ebbels, The Australian Labor Movement 1850 – 1907 (Melbourne, 1960 (1965))

L. Esson, Dead Timber and Other Plays (London, 1920).

J.K. Ewers, Creative Writing in Australia (Melbourne, 1962.

P. Ford, Cardinal Moran and the A.L.P. (Melbourne, 1966).

Miles Franklin, My Brilliant Career (Edinburgh, 1901 (Sydney, 1965) ).

Laughter, Not for a Cage (Sydney, 1956).

H.M. Green, A History of Australian Literature (Sydney, 1961 (1962) ).

F.S. Greenop, The History of Magazine Publishing in Australia (Sydney, 1947).

Ada A Holman, Memoirs of a Premier’s Wife (Sydney, 1948).

B. Hornadge, The Yellow Peril (Dubbo, 1971).

T. Inglis Moore, Social Patterns in Australian Literature (Sydney 1971).

A.W. Jose, The Romantic Nineties (Sydney, 1933).

E.H. Lane, Dawn To Dusk (Brisbane, 1939).

D.H. Lawrence, Kangaroo (London, 1923).

Bertha Lawson and J. Le Gay Brereton, Henry Lawson by Mates (Sydney, 1931).

N. Lindsay, Creative Effort London, 1924).

Saturdee, (Sydney, 1934 (1966) ).

Bohemians of the Bulletin (Sydney, 1965)

F.T. Macartney, A Historical Outline of Australian Literature (Sydney, 1957).

E. McDonnell (Hugh Stone), The Land of the Budgeriga (Newcastle, 1936).

J. Masefield, A Sailor’s Garland (London, 1906).

J. Miller (William Lane), The Workingman’s Paradise (Sydney, 1892 (1948) ).

Vance Palmer (ed.), A.G. Stephens: His Life and Work (Melbourne, 1941).

The Legend of the Nineties (Melbourne, 1954).

The Rainbow Bird and Other Stories (selected by A. Edwards) (Sydney, 1957 (1969) ).

Denton Prout, Henry Lawson: The Grey Dreamer (Adelaide, 1963).

L. Rees, Towards an Australian Drama (Sydney, 1953).

C. Roderick, An Introduction to Australian Fiction (Sydney, 1950).

C. Semmler, The Banjo of the Bush: The Work, Life and Times of A.B. Paterson (Melbourne, 1966 (1967) ).

(ed.) Twentieth Century Australian Literary Criticism (Melbourne, 1967).

W.G. Spence, The History of the A.W.U. (Sydney, 1961).

D. Stewart and Nancy Keesing (eds), Australian Bush Ballads (Sydney, 1955 (1968) )

J.H. Sutcliffe, A History of Trade Unionism in Australia (Melbourne, 1921).

G.A. Taylor, Those Were the Days (Melbourne, 1918).

Kylie Tennant, Australia: Her Story (London, 1953).

C. Turnbull, Australian Lives (Melbourne, 1965).

R. Wynn and others, The Late Cecil Rowlandson: Pioneer Publisher of Australian Novels (Sydney, 1922).

II Articles, broadcasts.

H. Anderson, “E.J. Brady Checklist”, Biblionews, Vol. 5 No. 9, August 1952.

Anonymous, “Offensively Australian”, The Bulletin, 20.5.1936.

“E.J. Brady”, The Bulletin, 30.7.1952.

B.S. Baxter Cook, “Memoirs of a Pressman”, The Bulletin, 21.10.1959, and weekly till 16.12.1959.

B. Elliott, “A Century of Australian Literature”, broadcast given on .B.C., 4.2.1951.

H.M. Green, “Brady”, broadcast on A.B.C., 2.4.1942.

E. Harrington, “Brady”, All About Books, 12.8.1935.

M. Holburn, “The Urgent Culture”. A Comment, No. 22 April 1945, pp. 1-6.

W. Lawson, “Some Ballad Writers” The Bulletin, 1.6.1938.

J. McDonald, “Edwin J. Bardy – A Checklist”, Biblionews, Vol. 5 No. 9. August 1952.

Furnley Maurice, “Encouraging Australian Writers” The Publicist, 1.7.1937.

O. Mendelsohn, “E.J. Brady, The Sage of Mallacoota”, broadcast on A.B.C., 13.6.1954.

V. Palmer, ‘E.J. Brady” a broadcast on A.B.C., 31.8.1952.

Katharine S. Prichard, “Brady”, unpublished manuscript.

A.G. Stephens, “Newer Australian Verse Writers” Review of Reviews, 15.10.1899, pp504 – 512.

B. Stevens, “Some Australian Writers”, Daily Mail, 30.8.1919.

C. Turnbull, “The Life and Times of E.J. Brady” The Argus, 26.7.1952.

III Letters.

E.J. Brady: Autograph Letters 1891 – 19154, a collection of 23 letters to Brady, interleaved with his comments and some biographical notes, in Mitchell Library.

Letters to Brady from Australian Writers. 1899 – 1922, a collection of 57 letters, Mitchell Library.

Letters to Brady from Australian Writers and Artists, a collection of 99 items, 1900 – 1946, in Oxley Memorial Library.

Letters of Mendelsohn to Brady, a collection of 47 letters, 1946 – 1951, owned by Oscar Mendelsohn, Melbourne.

1V Collected material.

Steve Ford’s Scrapbook, a three-volume collection of newspaper cuttings, programmes, pictures, articles on Lawson, with some Brady, undated, Mitchell Library.

Newspaper Cuttings of E.J. Brady, a collection made by A.G. Stephens, 1920, in Mitchell Library.

Newscuttings, a collection of 15 obituaries of Brady from various newspapers, 1952, Mitchell Library.

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