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4. Оценочные средства для текущего контроля успеваемости, промежуточной аттестации и учебно-методическое обеспечение самостоятельной работы студентов

Материалы текущего контроля

Контрольные и письменные работы. Тесты

Формы контроля

Проверка прочности знаний, уровня речевых навыков и умений студентов осуществляется в форме текущего, промежуточного и итогового контроля.

Текущий контроль проводится на каждом занятии в устном виде (беседа, опрос) и в форме письменных заданий (фонетические диктанты, грамматически тесты, диктанты-переводы).

Промежуточный контроль проводится в конце цикла занятий, посвященного какой-либо теме, в форме контрольный работы, лексико-грамматического теста, письменных творческих заданий (свободный перевод, резюме текстов, чтение), профессионально ориентированных заданий (эссе по темам специальности).

MINI-CHECKS (Module 1)

A Complete the questions with one word only.

1 __________do you spell that?

2 How________players are there in a football team?

3 ________is your coat - the black one or the white one?

4 Where_______your sister live now?

5 How_______do you see your grandparents? ’About once a week.’

6 How________does the show last?

B Write the verb to make a leisure activity.


8______for a run

9______a video/DVD


C Complete the text with the correct form of the verb to complete the passage.

Terri11________(live) in a small apartment in the centre of town. She12__________(have) a car, but she13______________(not/use) it very often. She usually14___________(go) to work on foot-although she sometimes15______________(catch) the bus if it’s raining!

D Cross out the word or phrase which is not correct.

16 My sister always / every day / never goes to bed before midnight.

17 How long / What time / When does the film start?

18 I check my e-mail always / every day / once a week.

19 How long / When / Where were you born?

20 What / Where / Which part of London do you live in?

MINI-CHECKS (Module 2)

A Complete the sentences with the Past simple form of the verbs.

1 The film__________(cost) millions of dollars to make.

2 Where____________(be) you at seven o’clock?

3 I__________(watch) television in my bedroom.

4 We___________(buy) some food on the our way home.

5 _____________(feel) tired when you arrived home?

6 The lesson__________(begin) a few minutes late.

B Underline the correct word to complete the sentences

(¤ = no preposition).

7 The shop opened at / in / on / ¤ 1998.

8 Did you go out at / in / on / ¤ last night?

9 The film started at / in / on / ¤ eight o’clock. We’re late!

10 He was a famous film star at / in / on / ¤ the 1930s.

11 There are no lessons at / in / on / ¤ Friday afternoon.

12 I last saw my cousin at / in / on / ¤ about a month ago.

C Find three pairs of opposites in the box.

bored disappointed embarrassed excited expensive fed up

in a good mood nervous popular relaxed sad




D Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words.

16 Do you feel like__________(go) for a walk later?

17 I hope you’re feeling_______(good) than yesterday.

18 We were very_________(disappoint) that the concert was cancelled.

19 The room _________(feel) very cold when I woke up.

20 I was very_________(worry) when you didn’t phone me.

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