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Annex F: People Visited

Ashot Santrosyan


Department of Environmental Inspectorate

Ministry of Nature Protection

Dr. Samvel Baloyan

NRMPR Project

Co-ordinator – Biodiversity Protection and

Management of Protected Areas

Ministry of Nature Protection

Prof. Shirair Vardanyan

Head, Department of Forestry

Armenian Agricultural Academy

Azsen Hakobyan

Chief Specialist

Animal Husbandry Department

Ministry of Agriculture

Geroz …..

Chief Specialist

Veterinary Department

Ministry of Agriculture

Horhannes Hakobyan

Head of Department

Identification and Registration Department

Ministry of Agriculture

Grigori Bagiyan

Head of Veterinary Agency

Ministry of Agriculture

Armen Hakobyan

Chief, Credit Department

Converse Bank Corporation

Sergey V. Virabian

Deputy Chairman of the Board


Alik Petrosyan

Manager and President

MAP Cjsc

(Wine, cognac and canned fruit production)

Arthur Hovhunnisyan

Manager and President

Landras Ltd.

(Swine farm and processing plant)

Serioja Kamalian


Kamalian Flour Mill

Idjevan area

Zamair Mardanian

Emulik Production Cooperative (dairy)

v. Gandzkar

Paul Sommers

Marketing Advisor


US Embassy

Dr. Hakob Sanasaryan


Greens Union of Armenia

Participants at Tavush Marz Meeting, 13 January 2005

Name Place of work Address

John Ambrose consultant to PMU/ARSP

Armen Vanian “ARSP” t.Erevan

Vahgan Karapetian Tavush Marz t.Idjevan

Zarmair Mardanian Tavush Marz v. Gandzkar

Ara Harutunian Tavush Marz v.Baghanis

Tatevik Naginian Tavush Marz t.Idjevan

Serioja Kamalian Tavush Marz v.Hashtarak

Martik Mhitarian farmer v.Aknaghbyur

Ladik Stepanian farmer t.Idjeven

Andranik Haltashian farmer v.Achajur

Grigor Paytian Tavush Marz t.Idjevan

Vahginak Sukoian Tavush Marz t.Idjevan

Participants at Lori Marz Meetings, 14 January 2005

Grigor Grigorian farmer v. Shahumain

Azat Khojoian farmer v. Shahumain

Mamikon Ajoganian farmer v. Shahumian

Artjom Grigorian farmer v. Goghark

Vaghen Karkhanian farmer v. Goghark

Khoren Isaakian farmer v. Goghark

Aram Achoghian farmer v. Goghark

Horen Isaakian farmer v. Goghark

Karen Karkhonian farmer v. Goghark

Arman Dilbarian Lori Marz

Arkadiy Babaian Lori Marz

Gagik Petrosian Lori Marz

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