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Mihaeli with Rose several years of the vein in Leningrad , then have came to a conclusion move in Rigu . This idea has supported and YUra , which has gone with them . In Rige beside Mihaelya and Roses was born the wanted daughter Ninochka . Mihaeli and YUra worked at Rizhskoy knitted factory . Mihaeli occupied the job little a main technologist , but YUra concerned with the questions of the provision by raw material and realization of the finished products (the division of the provision and marketing .

Seansonly on factory wrote off the technological mashines and tool as physically worn-out morally outdated . YUre was miserable to take them on store house second – hand as scrab metal . Mihaeli and YUra in collusion with the main by mechanical engineer of the factory has found the basement premises on outskirts , have collekted and started to release the knitted products of the same nomenclature , as on factory . Worked the checked worker , daily for its ore got the cash . The Product delivered on under stated prices in same trade points , where were a factory – made goodses . Stoilled two brothers workmans of the shop more quires of the years . Have Glosed the underground shop after that . What have glosed bosses from high eshelona authorities .

In 1968 I , (the author) , along with family was on rest on Rizhskom sea . I have searched the family Mihaelya , which veins that then in Ogry . Mihail in that time lay the building sick , suffered the rheumatism by arthritis , disturbed the horrible pains in hand and leg . The Reason was a damp climate Leningrad and Rigi .

At Ianuary 1969 Mihael with family have produced exchage of its cooperative apartment on state three – room apartment in town centre Dushanbe . The whole family has left good , dry climate Dushanbe to him was on shower . Besides , in Dushanbe veins two brothers of the Rose – Rafael and Yaks and sister Adino (Zina) . Often each other visited , rejoiced to lifes . But same sammer , in 1969 , after rheumatism disease suddently moderate , temper Yaks . The Brother and sisters much have gravely carried this loss . But life lasts . The Rose will go to work the nurse in polyclinic , Ninochka continued the training in school .

I , (the author) could be the was often quest beside them and quite often took them to itself me mach liced to communicate with him , since he was an very clever , much highbrow of the person , beautifully spoke , beautifully behaved in society , big neat , fastidious and excellent collocutor .

In 1972 families Mihaelya has solved immigration in Israel . Accompanied this family in thrip Boris Baraev , son Nadi , grandson Ushuo SHakarovoy , at present lifes in Vein . Israel they were motivated in city Natania . The Rose worked on professions by nurse in hospital . Ninochka , oslo of the completion cource nurses was colled army service . Heving served in armies became to work on professions .

Health Mihaila grew worse , that climate , did not please , that else sameting not to approached , was ill much long . The Rose and Ninochka did oll the best to relieve his condition .

In 1978 on 73 lifes Mihail deseased and buried in Natanu . After , several years Nina leaves married and beside them three children were born from joint marriage Misheli , verdit and Shay . Not long happened to the Rose to be one without Mihaelya , after wedding Niny she be ill and her did not become . Have Buried the Rose near by husband .

Will Let be blessed their memory .

Lelya (Leo) . After liberation Viktora Lelya with daughter YUdey arrive in Leningrad . Here Viktor has not found itself , therebore that he was a large merchant , for as has ed in 1950 he moves with sister in Riga . Viktor enough quickly , due to old relationship , seltted down on get prettier work , was a main by engineer of the porcelain plant .

In 1976 , in at age 76 years has died Lelya , but in 1977 at age 52 years dies her daughter YU dya . They buried near by Viktorom on town graveyard in Rige .

Will Let be blessed their memory .

Esya and Emmanueli .

Before the last days of its lifes family Esi and Emmanuelya remained to live in Leningrad , Esya with husband Danielem Arabovym (taxi driver on profession) with two sons Izey and Rafael and Emmanuelis wife , Faith and children YUroy and Marinoy .

Esya has died in 1975 at age 62 years and Emmanueli moderate , temper in 1978 at age 63 years . They buried in Leningrad .

Will Let be blessed their memory .

YUra . He was shown the most younger child in family Batti SHakarovoy and Rafael Pinhasova , which was born in 1919 in city Samarkande .

In 1946 YUra with Mihailom being iourhey in Tashkent their have introduced with Mariey SAmandarovoy . They liced the friend friend Marie perfectly took his after , has gone with him in Leningrad . In year beside they will be born the daughter Ella (lives in America) . Howerer , alliance YUry and Marie was not debt and they through several years to disperse Marie with daughter returned in Tashkent . In second marriage YUra was be married in Rige on Raye . Beside them daughter Zoya was in NEW-YORK .

YUra moderate , temper in 1991 and buried on town graveyard NEW-YORK at age 72 years .

Will Let be blessed his memory .

Sofa – a sixth daughter sort SHakarovoy .

Whereas , impossible was find neither close , nor distant relative , nobody could not give some information about family Sary SHakarovoy . Single known that Sara in Buhare leaves married and son was born joint marriage , which have named Kotonom . Else that Koton married in Tashkent on Leo YAdgarov , daughter YAhielya YAdgarova (Ehieli daroz) and ostensibly beside them was a daughter .

Will Let be blessed their memory .

Suleyman SHakarov .

Suleyman , single son in family Davidhaima SHakarova , which was born Buhare in 1880 after birth poles daughter . The Fathe from childhood trained Suleymana cognitions of the Torah .

The youth Suleymana passed in Samarkande . The Parents at early age married him hardly he was peiformed twenty years , but he already was a father . His spouse YAshua gave birth him seven children : Zalman , Dvora , Hevsi , Panir , Tomor , David and Esef .

The whole this big family waistcoat enormous own house , in Russian part of the city Samarkanda .

In house was its operating personnel :coachman , cooks , servants and quard . For children befor arrival in college were an invited pay teachus , who trained their Russian and foreign lanquage (germon and French) , but will later go to learn in college the children carried the european cloth and schort haircut . Even its niece Miryam (the mother of the author) grow in this stiletto .

During Oktober revolution in 1971 Suleyman through Moscow along with family has left in Germany and settled down in Berlin . Beside by it was an enormous two story house , which street floors took seats his commercial office . The Bolsheviks at twentieth year checked the former house Suleymana , left in Samarkande and have done the general school №35 , in which later , learned , learnt Rena , the daughter of his niece Racheli .

Sometime in fortieth year , before beginning of the second world war anti-semitison increased in Germany , bad started to address to persons of the jewish nationality , then Suleyman comes to a conclusion together with children , grandson , son-in-law and daughter-in-law to move on constant residence in Palestine. In 1946 has died his wife YAustria and buried in Israel on graveyard – Kiriyat – Shauli .

In 1955 moderate , temper and Suleyman , which buried near by wife .

Will Let be blessed their memory .

The List of the literature .

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