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Will yes be blessed their memory .

Kulangiev Israel – son Gavrielya and Dino Kulangievyh , was born in 1913 in city Samarkande . In 1937 has finished the water institute of the city Tashkent and has got the diploma and with difference of the engineer – water facilities . The Author nearly one hundred projects of the mastering the new land .

In system water facilities Uzbekistan worked mor than 45 years . The lasts 20 years were a main by engineer of the project in design institute “Giprozem”. On nature much forgive , pardon , his well-disposed attitude with subordinated raised his autority amongst workman his group . So he used the enormous respect .

With its wife Sarikovoy Masol Israel has lived 48 years in full love and consent . Bring up four children : Bella , May , Alik (Arieli) and Daniel , three of them got the higner education .

Mazol has finished the medical school of the city Samarkanda . In system of the public health Uzbekistan worked 45 years by midwife and nurse in hospital and polyclinic Mazol has died in 1991 at age 70 years , buried on jewish graveyard city Samarkanda .

The Israel together with family of the son Arieli was repatriated in Israel in 1993 .

Moderate , temper in 2002 in ot age 89 years . Buried on graveyard Ha-YArkon in Petah-Tikve .

Will Let be blessed their memory .

Tamara Kulangieva – second daughter Gavriely and Dino Kulangievyh was born in 1915 in city Samarkande .

Tamara in 1933 has finished average special school relationship . Her labor activity begins from this time as chief of the post office relationship in region area city Samarkand , but in the last years and in city Samarkande .

The wife SHimuna Fuzaylova becomes . In 1937 Tamara , person formed , teacher of the average general school , with has lived whole four years .

At Iune 1941 , when began Domestic war with Hitler Nazism and SHimuna have colled in army and have sent on front , but in 1942 he perished .

The widow remained at twenty six years Tamara with small boy on hand , which have named Borisom . She has denoted completely itself single child and so Tamara more and did not lieve married .

She is a vein problem and joi of the son and grandson .

In 1973 together with family of the son Tamara was repatriated in Israel . The Iuly 27 2004 on 89 lifes deceased Tamara Gavrielovna Kulangieva – a woman with good and supportive heart . She has left in eternal world , having lived its life immaculate .

Will Let be blessed her memory .

Markieli Kulangiev – a second son Gavrielya and Dino Kylangievyh , was born in 1917 in city Samarkande . Has finished institute water facilities city of the Tashkent on professions engineer water facilities . Nearly half of the age its lifes Mihael have denoted the loved deal . The author multiple project water economic construction in republic Uzbekistan .

He also is from coauthor four volumes monographs . The development water facilities Uzbekistan .

The Gaverment of the republic has high valued his perennial and many-sided experience , as well as active participation in scientific development in the field of mastering new irrigated lands and construction of the buildings water facilities and in 1983 he has assigned the hourable rank well-earned engineer water facilities the Uzbekistan .

In 1946 Markieli Gavrielovich marries Zinaide , daughter SHoloma Malaeva and Sivie Elinatanovoy . She has finished the medical school and more than 40 years worked the nurse in Republican hospital . Her motto-reduce the human sufferings and restore health .

Four children were born in this successful family , two daughter Margarita (Malko) and Esya (Ester) and two sons a Iliya (Ilovu) and Efim (Efraim) . All four have got the higher education . The Iliya at engineer land builder . Esya – an engineer – grayish blue .

Sofia Kulangieva third ; daughter Gavriel and Dino Kulangievyh was born in 1920 in city Samarkande . At 17 years has finished the pedagogical school and at this point of time begins her hard , long teaching activity . Hoverer , she does not stop on reached and enters in Uzbek State university and in 1945 has successfully finished the literary faculty . The long years taught in Pedagogical institute , faculty of the tadzhik language and literature .

In 1949 Sofas leaves married for Rahmina Staraeva , which in 1957 sudden moderate , temper , having left on her shoulder three juvenite children : one son – Rafael and two daughter – Klaru and Nelyu . The Sofa Gavrielovna nearly 60 years worked the teacher in different educational institutions of the city Samarkanda . Her alumnuses possible to meet in all branch public facilities Uzbekistan . The Sofa Gavrielovna teacher – philologist , the metodist , veteran of the enlightenment , student of the public education Uzbekistan . Since 1007 Sofa Gavrielovna lives in NEW_YORK , rejoicing lucky life children and grandson .

Ushuo – a quarter daughter sort SHakarovyh .

Ushuo was born in 1869 in city Buhare . Her father Davidhaim SHakarov – deeply religious person brought up and their own children in spirit jewish tradition . In 1898 Ushuo give married for Avrohaima Samandarova , which takes away to itself in city Kokand . In year beside they will be born the daughter , who have named YAeli .

In this family for ten years anymore was an children , but Avrohaim much wanted to have an son , the legal successor . After certain time Avrohaim woman marries with the consent of Ushuo by name Ciporo and brings her to itself in the general house . In this house Ushuo and Ciporo live amicably , as native sisters . Ciporo gave birth the three children : two sons (Cion , Meer) and daughter Marie . (YUra , son Bitti SHakarovoy was be married the Marie) .

YAeli in 1919 leaves married for Hananio Pinhasova , from joint marriage beside them three children : Namo (Nadia) , Mihal and David . In 1933 , when David was whole six months Hananie has solved to leave illegal in Israel with such calculation that after wards he is able to withdrew its family to itself . On same reason this daydream was not performed and he returned to wife . Between YAeli and Hananie felt that her defraudi , really , in a certain time family to disperse . Before most beginning of the Great Domestic war , in 1941 after has buried the husband Avrohaima , together with daughter YAeli , grandson and great – grandson Ushuo has moved from Kokanda in Samarkand . Ushuo deceased in 1945 , having lived 75 years , but her daughter YAeli has died in 1964 , having lived 70 years . They buried an jewish graveyard of the city Samarkanda .

Will Let be blessed their memory .

Namo (the Nadiy) – (1919 – 1968) .

Namo – a senior daughter YAeli and Hananio Pinhasova . Her husband Ehieli Baraev , without lead lost at years of the Great Domestic war (1941 – 1945) . Their children : Boris and Beniamin . Boris 1938 births , be married daughter Pinhasa Kulangieva by name Nina , live in capital of the Austria , in Vein . Their children : Nadya and Artyur . The Nadya to be married , has two daughter Laura and Nikola .

Arthur to be married , his children – Misheli and Milasiya .

Benik (1940) births , his wife – Ester . Their children : Ehieli (1968) and Dayan (1970) . Ehieli to be married , has a three children : Ben , Gali and Naomi . The children Dayana – Nadav and Ady . Live in Israel .

Mihali (1922 – 1991) .

Mihali – a second daughter YAelya and Hananio Pinhasova . Her husband – Zaev Ishakov . Their children : Asya , Tamara , Amnun and Simho . The children : Aces – Gosha , Lilya , Sveta and Esya . Children Tamary – Tanya , Marina and Edik . The children Amnuna – Irina , Mira and Daniel .

The children Simho – Angelina and Daniel .

David (1933 – 1990) .

In 1933 in Kokande , in family YAelya and Hananie Pinhasovyh was born the third child – David . The Iuvenile years he has conducted in Samarkande . Worked in sphere at trade and home service .

In 1971 has finished the trade institute of the city Samarkanda and has got the profession of the merchandiser of the broad profile in the same year David together with family was repatriated in Israel and on length five years of the veins in this country and worked at mail . Here he itself has not found and in 1976 familes has moved in Austria . On new place business career formed aptly . The having Possessed lanquage , he has opened its business – a textile , shop . He honestly toiled befor the end of its lifes , used the big respect , which knew this beautiful person . He is marrieds the Raya Zairovoy , she midwife in Viennese hospital “AKH” . Have two sons : SHlomo 1963 – a dentist , Eduard 1967 – (an engineer – grayish blue) , has finished the High technical school “NIL” .

David moderate , temper in 1990 in Vein , buried in Israel .

Will Let be a blessed memory Nadi , Mihaya and David .

Bitti – a fifth daughter of the sort SHakarovyh .

Bitti was born in 1876 in city Buhare in well-to-do and deeply religious family Davidhaima SHakarova . In 1895 her give married for Rafael Pinhasova , inhabitant Namangana . From joint marriage beside they were born nine children – five sons and four daughters : Bahor in 1896 , Zoya in 1898 , Leo (Lelya) in 1900 , Mihoeli in 1906 , Meer in 1910 , Esya in 1913 , Emmanuely in 1915 , YAffa in 1917 and YUra in 1919 .

At years Stalinskih repression 1937-1939 from Central asia many have left in the centre in Russia or in Europe – Paris , Berlin , London .

Bitti and Rafael together with children , except Bahora have left in Leningrad , where veins long years relatives Rafael Pinhasova . During war 1941-1945 family Bitti got free before blocade Leningrad and was evacuated in Samarkand .

Emmanueli , YUra and husband Esi-Daniel Arab remained to carry the service in blocade Leningrad .

After several years after completion of the war they all were met in Leningrad , but without father . Rafael Pinhasov moderate , temper in 1944 in Samarkande on jewish graveyard .

Lelya with her daughter YUdoy has gone to Siberia , where her husband Viktor left the period . After liberation Viktira they returned in Leningrad and only in fifty year has moved in Riga and have withdrewedwith itself mother – Bitti . Already then her was sevently five years . Beside it life was not from light has lost the senior daughter Zoyu , which vein in Iran , moderate , temper husband Rafael , evacuations and movings at years of the war has left its trace .

Bitti , has lived in Rige nearly eight years , aging , sick , but at the last years she has blinded and at age 82 years has died .

Buried on jewish graveyard (SHmerli) in Rige .

Will Let be blessed their memory .

Bahor Pinhasov (1896 – 1980) .

As is well known , on found tradition , in past , for sons of the parents them – selves searched for and found the bride . When Bahoru was performed 23 , his wanted marry on a relative father , howerer , she he did not like and at day of the wedding he has run away from building . For Rafael and Bitti this event was disgraceful , they could not people to peer into eye . Soon they have sold its house in Namangane and from shame have for ever left in Samarkand . In 1917 during October revolution in Russia , Suleyman , brother Bitti , has left in Germany and in the centre Berlin he had its two-story house , on the street floors which took seats his commercial office .

The parents long searched for Bahora and finally get the message that Bahor lives in house of its uncles Suleymana in Berlin and works in his commercial office , where uncle trains his all fineness of commerce . After , a certain time Bahor marries the great sister Olige (Hevsi) , on daughter Suleymana .

Since time in Germany become bad pertains to persons jewish nationality then Suleyman comes to a conclusion leave with its family and family Bahora in Palestine . Soon Bahor with Oligoy have ulcerated the desire to leave on constant residence in capital of the England – London .

The first time Bahor red for any work and , certainly , in sameone else country , tongue barrier , ignorance laws order and were other difficutties . But soon he smiled happiness and he got busy questions in the field of fur and furs , but through several years he becomes the master of the company , which concerns with the intermediary service between Russia and England on question of the export of the fur and furs .

In 1968 Bahor for the first time arrives on annyal auction on fur and fur in Leningrad .

I (the author) in 1968 , being in Leningrad with its family was met with Bahorom beside Esi building . This enough it is enough of the nice person . I have surprised that he could communicate with me and in Russian and on buhary by languages . We with he long communicated and conducted him before hotel “Astoria” , he has even shown us window of its number and has said that administration of the hotel already several years for August month protects this number for it . From children beside it single son .

At September 1980 he deceased . Buried in London .

Will Let be blessed his memory .

Zoya and YAfa Pinhasovy .

Zoya was born in 1898 in Namangane in family Bitti SHakarovoy and Rafael Pinhasova . At years of the Oktober revolution 1917 Zoya with husband have left in Iran to from there leave in Palestine . But fate ordered on its and they were motivated in Tehran for long years . Beside them from joint marriage were born two children : daughter Sonya and son Ilyusha . In 1933 from warmhearted fit sudden deceased Zoya . Remained two iuvenile children and to help their education YAfa arrived in Iran and has chanched him mother . Then EAfa leaves married for their father and gives birth the daughter a Hallo and son Mihoeli .

In 1946 YAfa with husband and children has left in USA .

At present Sonya and ILyusha with family live in Chicago .

Mihoely lives in Californium , but Blushed was an translator under UNO language staps ticks and lives with its family in NEW-YORK .

YAfa (1917-1980) buried in NEW-YORK .

Will Let be blessed their memory .

Mihoeli Pinhasov (1906-1978) .

Mihoeli was born in 1906 in Namangane , in family Bitti SHakarovoy and Rafael Pinhasova . When Mihaelyu was performed thirteen years , family moves from Namangana in Samarkand .

At years Stalinskih repression (1937-1939) many families well-to-do and deeply religious jew of the Central asia Run Away from perseculations organ who where could . Beside Rafael Pinhasova in Leningrad veins distant relatives so he has solved that much safe will if his family will move there .

Thereby , in 1937 they were ressetled whole family in Leningrad ,except son Bahor , which has run down at day of its wedding from Namangana to uncle Suleymanu in Germany .

Began the Great Domestic war (1941-45) and during Leningrad blocade this family once again returns in Samarkand .

In blocade Leningrad remained to carry the service Emmanueli , YUra and husband Esi – Daniel Arab . Only after completions of the war they oll were newly met in Leningrad , but without father . Rafael Pinhasov moderate , temper in 1944 in Samarkande and buried on jewish graveyard . The First marriage Mihaelya with Nyuroy was short and beside them was not an children and after arrival from Samarkanda in Leningrad they peacefully to disperse .

In 1946 Mihaeli and YUra have gone to Samarkand and Mihaeli proposed to its niece to Rose Kulangievoy (the grandmother of the Rose – Abigay and mother Mihaelya Bitti are a native sister) .

Interceded in matchmaking uncle Roses and he first cousin Mihaelya – calm Gavrieli Kulangiev. Which promised personally to bring Rose in Leningrad .

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